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Are you want to make gifts even more special? Then pack them in our attractive gift boxes. And you know what the best part is? They can be customized to however you seem fit. You may customize the shape, size, color, design, and finishing of the gift packaging box.


You can personalize gift boxes by choosing the design of the box. You can play it safe and classy by getting a solid color printed on the box or you can take things up a notch by getting personalized messages or pictures printed on the box. You can also alter the shape of the box. No matter the size of the gift, Shenzhen Canfei Packing Co.,Ltd will make a box according to that design. With so many designs, it can get really confusing as to which design to finalize. If you find yourself in such a state then do not worry because our experienced team will help you out and that too free of cost!

You may also avail additional services like gold/silver foiling, embossing, raised ink etc. All of these will add to the aesthetic appeal of the box. The premium quality paper we use ensures that the gift does not get damaged. The paper packaging boxes that we make are durable and sturdy. They can be used more than one time and can be used for storage in the future.


Welcome to call our representatives now to get your first order booked of customized gift boxes.

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