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Eco Friendly Cosmetic/Gifts Packaging

Shenzhen Canfei Packing offer over 10 years of experience at the forefront of trends in the packaging industry. One of the biggest trends in the industry today is eco friendly cosmetic packaging.

Your company products packaging sends a very powerful message. It’s your first impression and conveys your brand, your values and what sets you apart in the marketplace. Many cosmetics brands are taking into consideration today’s well-educated consumer and learning how their beauty box packaging can reach the right box design

More and more consumers are concerned about our current environmental issues and are dedicated to purchasing products that don’t contribute to its degradation. Canfei Packaging committed to those concerns by offering eco friendly cosmetic packaging that is made of up to 100% PCR, bamboo and sustainable paper.

Paper Box/Bags Packaging

Today’s sustainable paper eco friendly cosmetic packaging offers a perfect material for products that can be reduced and reused, are 100% recyclable and fully biodegradable. They are a perfect alternative to petroleum based plastics for your line of balms, creams or lotions. Our sustainable paper jars and lip balm tubes have a smooth high-end look, an oil resistant barrier and are a great alternative to plastic containers.

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