Custom Reusable Eco Bags

Canfei Packing designed to your specifications.

The Advantages Of Going Green With Canfei Packing
Go Beyond Cost-Efficiency

Shenzhen Canfei Packing was founded in 2008 with the goal to create a business where custom eco-packaging solutions could be easily found.

The reusable bags benefit of an exceptional lifespan therefore a longert usage than the regular paper bag. It give your company the benefit of an eco-friendly picture enhancing your brand and products.

Canfei Packaging award-winning factory is ISO-9001 certified, and continuously exceeds industry standards ensuring stringent regulations surrounding all processes, from social compliance and ethical labour practices to strict environmental regulations.

PP Non-Woven Shopping Bags & PP Woven Bags

As it is reusable it contribute to lower the waste. Therefore it is part of an eco-friendly act for your customer. Furthermore its remarkable lifespan make of it an excellent advertising media for your brand.

  Delivery time   3-7 weeks after validation of sample
  Material   PP non woven, nylon – polyester – satin – cotton – PVC
  Lamination   Matte or gloss
  Quantity   PP non woven – Nylon – Polyester – Satin: From 10.000 units
  •   Closing: button, velcro, magnet
  •   Die cut

Whatever you need get quote or get sample you can send email to us, we will reply fast as we can.

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ADDRESS: No.1204 Xiashuijing Building No.250 Jihua Road Longgang District Shenzhen City Guangdong Province China

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