Reliable stickers and labels supplier from China

Your Reliable Packaging and Labels Manufacturer In China

Professional packaging and sticker label factory, supplier in China. Shenzhen Canfei Packing has been in printing industry for over 10 years, supply all kind of packaging, from custom gift paper boxes, paper bags to carton boxes, labels & stickers and food packaging.

As one-stop label and packaging manufacturers, factory from China, Canfei Packaging bring the quality and production capacity along with low cost production.

We’re committed to guarantee you the best quality at the most competitive prices. All our paper packaging products, hologram stickers, printing labels .ect are followed by trained QC team.

Our customers are welcome to visit our production lines and warehouse. We can also send you samples of our previous works such as Paper Shopping Bags, Hang Tags, Carton Boxes, Label Stickers etc…We welcome any orders and will work with you all along the production process.

No matter your order is big or small, Shenzhen Canfei Packing handles them seriously. We are strictly process from material to delivery.

Please send us size, order quantity, material/application scene to get instant quotation!

CALL US: +86-189-3803-5880


ADDRESS: No.1204 Xiashuijing Building No.250 Jihua Road Longgang District Shenzhen City Guangdong Province China

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