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Canfei Packing is one of the China leading suppliers of paper carrier bags within the retail, commercial and promotional trade. We have been successfully meeting the varied needs of our clients for in excess of ten years and today we’re proud to provide high quality printing services.

Paper Bags Factory Direct Wholesale
We work with every type of business and in every industry. We meet the needs of large multi-national companies just as well as we do the sole trader and all small, medium and large scale businesses wanting printed carrier bags for a promotion or exhibition.

Trusted as one of the China most established and respected suppliers with your printing needs.

We know our industry and the intricacies behind recreating our clients’s designs on high quality bags made from superior materials and finishes.

Our team is highly trained with wide product knowledge and years of experience. At Templecoombe we give you a designated contact to help you and our ‘buddy’ system ensures you always have cover when bags or costings are needed urgently.

Rigorous quality checks of factories and finished products. We have our own accreditation and rating system with factories and products under ongoing review proceedures.

One of the widest product ranges for paper bags in the industry.

Bespoke work is our standard. Many customers have been unable to find a solution elsewhere yet we have been able to deliver an affordable and practical option.

CALL US: +86-189-3803-5880


ADDRESS: No.1204 Xiashuijing Building No.250 Jihua Road Longgang District Shenzhen City Guangdong Province China

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