The 2D/3D hologram is one of the highest optical security features, which is widely applied to various high-end anti-counterfeiting package items for promotion and security purposes.

The 3D holographic stickers contain many optical layers that display multi-dimensional images under certain light. People can view the scene and colors from multiple angles and depths.

Canfei Packing 3D Holographic Labels Make Your Packaging Stand Out

Product packaging plays a vital role in attracting consumers towards any product. Studies have shown that good, exquisite packaging can attract consumers’ attention and increase sales.

The highly shiny and glossy surface of 3D holographic labels can immediately leave a deep impression on people and ensure that your paper packaging product wins the target audience. No wonder, it becomes a great choice for many packaging products.


Shenzhen Canfei Packing 3D holographic images are from more than two or more flat images that constitute a three-dimensional scene, it gives the perception of parallax visual depth.

Holographic 3D stickers can be viewed under most lighting conditions and show their fullest glory under strong light. Compared to many dot-matrix holograms, 3D holograms display a sharper and more stunning image, thus making them a popular choice.

Material choice

The raw material film used for producing 3d hologram labels is from DuPont, which has better transparency and brightness to present a better optical hologram effect. Thereby, they can also add an eye-catching feature to your packaging that quickly lends perceived value to a product.

Security Performance

3D holographic labels are often used for security purposes because their production is a complex and difficult process. It can be combined with some overt, covert, and forensic security functions. Your brand information and logo can become part of the hologram, thus becoming a good marketing tool. Many counterfeiters will be deterred back when they see the hologram label.

Custom Holographic Labels Solutions Provider

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