Shenzhen Canfei Packing manufacture custom labels and stickers in a broad range of shapes and sizes with a variety of materials. We provide custom sticker and label printing service with high quality. Contact us if you are looking to print custom stickers in China.

A holographic sticker is an optical self-adhesive label attached to various packaging items. It has attractive visual effects and embeds many anti-counterfeiting elements. The application of holographic labels not only adds a striking effect to your packaging but also protects the safety of brands and products. Because its production requires advanced dot-matrix machines and professional technicians, it is extremely difficult to counterfeit.

Holographic stickers are usually affixed to brand products for protection and promotion purposes. To enhance a level of anti-fake protection, they can be incorporated with custom information, such as your logo, brand message, and forensic security elements), so that hologram labels themselves are almost impossible to be counterfeited without the hologram master system.

Holographic stickers and labels supplier, factory in China: Canfei PackingIn order to better serve our customers, Canfei Packaging provide a hologram stickers design service, and the design is completed within 24 hours.

Holographic stickers are produced by high-resolution optical equipment, which can present rich optical colors and dynamic 2D/3D depth of field. Combine advanced optical features to protect your brand and products.

As one of the professional optical hologram stickers and labels manufacturers in China, the only thing that Shenzhen Canfei Packing remained principle throughout is to provide beautiful high quality hologram sticker products with worldwide customers honestly.

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