Customizable Perfume Tube Box Packaging Solutions

At our professional manufacturing facility, Canfei Packing offer completely customizable perfume tube box packaging solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our expertise ensures that we can create the perfect packaging for your products and brands.

The primary material used for the tube structure is 300g cardboard, which is both strong and sturdy. This material maintains the shape of the packaging while providing excellent protection for the delicate perfume inside. The interior of the package is lined with tin foil, ensuring an attractive appearance and preventing any leakage of the perfume. The overall structure offers superior thermal properties, further enhancing the protection it provides.

Packaging keyword: Perfume tube boxes packaging with customization options
FOB price: 0.1$-0.9$
Style: Custom
Design Free
Address: Shenzhen China
Min.order quantity:  1000 pieces

The outer printing layer is made from chrome paper, featuring high-quality CMYK color printing that produces vibrant and eye-catching images to instantly draw customers’ attention. As perfume is a luxury product, it’s essential that the tube box packaging reflects its high quality and value. provide a wide range of customization options, including design, structure, material, and style, ensuring that your perfume tube boxes stand out from the competition. Contact our packaging experts for a factory-direct quote and let us help you create the perfect perfume tube box packaging solution for your products.

Free design, free samples. If you need, please contact us.

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