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Custom Hologram Void Stickers Special Features:

  • Base Material: ABS, PET, PC, acrylic, Epoxy resin,
  • aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, Nickel and  zinc alloy, etc.
  • Surface: printing, anodizing, electroplate, electroform,  painted,
  • stoving varnish, etching and laser engraving technology etc.
  • Temperature Resistance: -30ºC-80ºC
  • Thickness: Plate: 0.4-10.0mm
  • Process: Casting, Engraving, Colouring, Stamping, Printing
  • Sample: 7 Working days can be ready.

  • Metal nameplates, Metal badges
    Name badge, Lapel pins, name tag
    Enamel badge, Epoxy label, Soft rubber label
    Metal lable, Nickel label, Aluminum sticker

Applications of Custom Hologram Void Label Stickers

Our hologram stickers are widely used in industrial equipment, household appliances, display instruments, medical equipment, fitness equipment, security equipment, automobile instrumentation, product logo, paper bags, Clothing bags,Windows and doors furniture and other fields.


Q1. Do you provide free samples?

A1. We can provide samples and charge freight free of charge.
If you have any special sample requirements, please contact us for more details.

Q2. Can the product be produced according to customer requirements?

A2. all can be customized according to the required specifications and drawings.

Q3. Is it allowed to visit the factory?

A3. Yes, we always welcome customers to visit our factory.

Q4. How to solve the faults of the equipment during use?

A4. Please email us about the problem of pictures or small videos. I will be better. I will find the problem and solve it.

Q5. Where is your factory?

A5. Our factory address is: No.1204 Xiashuijing Building No.250 Jihua Road Longgang District Shenzhen City Guangdong Province China.

Q6. What is the quality level of your products?

A6. We have CE, ISO and other certificates.

Q7. What are the manufacturing processes of heat transfer printing of metal label?

1. Treatment of base paper: the base paper to be used shall be treated in advance.
2. Printing protective layer: 300 mesh screen printing transparent heat transfer ink is used to protect the pattern, making the pattern wear-resistant, washable and chemical resistant.
3. Printing pattern layer: it is printed with 300 mesh heat transfer color ink, which can also be adjusted according to the actual situation.
4. Printing luminous layer: the luminous material and transparent heat transfer ink are prepared into luminous ink according to 1:1, and the viscosity is adjusted with diluent.
5. Printing covering layer: it uses white heat transfer ink to print the covering layer on the whole pattern with screen coated with printing protective layer.
6. Printing adhesive layer: mainly used to bond patterns and fabrics.
7. Drying: there are natural drying and low-temperature drying.
8. Packaging: the dried heat transfer marks are packed with packaging film and placed flat.

Q8. Can the color of the product be customized?

A8. Our colors can be customized according to PMS.

Q9. How to make metal label?

A9. Production of metal label: it refers to the label with body surface properties, such as instructions for use, trademark identification, switch indication, equipment nameplate, advertising decoration of process products, which are made of several non-ferrous metal plates such as copper, aluminum, zinc and stainless steel and processed by different production processes.

Common metal label include flat sun label, silk screen label, corrosion label, electroplating, electroforming label, heat transfer label and sand blasting signs.

(1) Flat drying label: use the way of photosensitive drying label to dissolve different colors into the adhesive film, so that they can be displayed on the metal plate by developing, so as to achieve the purpose of explanatory significance.
(2) Silk screen printing label: various exquisite color silk screen printing signs can be made by using resin ink, screen printing on the pre-treatment board, and then light preservation, film coating and other processes.
(3) Corrosion label: corrosion label is also called etching label. It mainly refers to the embossed or concave label made by three steps of mask and post-etching treatment.
(4) Electroplating and electroforming label: also known as gold stacking label, it is made of screen printing or photosensitive system.
(5) Heat transfer label: it is a special panel generated by the surface treatment process of metal plate, and then the color picture you designed is printed on the transfer paper by inkjet printing, and reversed to the metal plate by heating.
(6) Sandblasting label: use the method of computer engraving to stick the engraved instant paste on the metal plate, sandblasting the text and graphics to form a sand surface effect, and then carry out oxidation treatment to make the metal plate show the effect of placer gold.

Q10. Requirements for design draft of label making

A10. All text contents of the design draft of label processing shall be converted into curves, and the identification symbols shall be made into vector diagrams. If your layout content only has bitmap format and the graphics are complex, we can modify it for you. We mainly use coreraw and illustrator. It is best to use the above software. Coreraw is best to use 9 or 12. The format can be CDR (with version restrictions). CMX has no version restrictions, but unexpected errors may occur in text and graphics. Other software such as illustrator and freehand can be stored in AI, EPS and other formats.

In order to better meet your requirements, please use accurate Pantone.

Q11. Do I need to provide drawings?

A11. Yes, we need your drawings.
The format of the drawing you can carry the cabinet as below:
PDF file, or AI file, etc.

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ADDRESS: No.1204 Xiashuijing Building No.250 Jihua Road Longgang District Shenzhen City Guangdong Province China

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